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Community Engagement

Our little zoo can offer experiences for...
  • School assignments
  • University assignments / projects
  • Simply interested
  • Pensioners looking for something to do
  1. Engineering projects -  get involved in construction and maintenance of exhibit habitats for the animals.  
  2. Environmental Enrichment - help build and increase behavioral opportunities for the animals.  From Cognitive, Social, Food, Sensory to Habitat based devices and environments.  
  3. Arts & Crafts  - can also play a role, the environment is a wash with opportunity to explore.  Sculptures to hanging  mobiles to wall murals.  Join in and have fun.
  4. Acting & Drama - bring your skills to the fore and enjoy telling the story of conservation through the lenses of the animal world.  Penguins, Lemurs, Jaguars and more.  Endless fun exploring to be done here.
  5. Horticulture / Gardening - animals and people could not do without.  Even more so in a small setting, where animals could benefit from the plants we plant.  Edible gardens, scent gardens and plants that create privacy and shelter.  All in a days work in a zoo. JOin us in creating, controlling and enhancing the animals homes.  

Read the following questions and statements and see if you qualify:

  1. Are you local to Bester Birds Zoo, if not do you have transport to get to the little zoo?  
  2. This is a voluntary based opportunity, we can not offer any payment for your services
  3. You will be asked to sign an indemnity and understand the environment you will be working in.
  4. Together with the zoo you will plan your project or time so that the zoo knows when to expect you.  
  5. This is very important - you must  have fun and above all be able to manage yourself or your group or individual.
  6. Knowing how to manipulate tools a bonus.  

If you are still interested in doing your community engagement project / assignment at Bester Birds Zoo then contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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