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Edutainment - a combination of Entertainment through Education...


Conservation through Conversation...


If you are not squeamish - come encounter a snake!

Newsflash - We are upgrading!

working penguin

We are upgrading our Zoo... one cage @ a time!

During this time the animals will be moved to other cages in order for us to redesign their own enclosures to look more natural.
Children are welcome to climb into the empty enclosures... and view the world from the animals' viewpoint.

School visits to the Zoo

Want to take a day of from school, but still learn something?

Ideal for small schools, perfect for teachers and parents.  

Small enough for adults and big enough for a child's imagination.  

Tactile & interactive. Visually stimulating and audibly interesting.  

Visit Bester Birds Zoo as a school outing, you will not regret it!  

Petting Zoo guaranteed!

Bester Birds Education Flyer